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Who We Are

Your Data Enthusiasts For B2B Marketing

Database Providers is a reputable B2B marketing company in the USA specializing in segmenting and optimizing key data information. We enhance your business outreach and ABM marketing goals through accurate and authentic data. Utilizing advanced tools and technology, we ensure the consistency and trustworthiness of the data. Drive B2B marketing with guaranteed accessibility and scalability through our data solution and email marketing services.

Our Services

Empower Businesses With Exceptional B2B Data Solutions 

With unmatched flexibility, unwavering data purity, and deep business acumen, we empower you to drive growth, seize opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition with the following data services.
Data Profiling

Data Profiling

We assess the data's usability, quality, insights, and other patterns before providing it to the users.

Data Scrubbing

Data Scrubbing

We refine the data by removing duplicate information, errors, and inconsistencies that do not align with the dataset.

Data Validation

Data Validation

We checklist the data collected for its authenticity and integrity against available standards and rules to ensure they are meant for the intended purpose.

Data Verification

Data Verification

We verify the collected data for its accuracy and consistency across different sources and references to cross-check the reliability of the sources.

Data Appending

Data Appending

We enrich your data set with new attributes that help with deeper insights and optimized strategy.

Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene

We help you identify corrupt, irrelevant, and outdated data and then modify, remove, or delete them that serve no purpose to your business.

Data Licensing

Data Licensing

We get you to own certain data sets and establish privacy to limit third-party data usage.

Data Mining

Data Mining

We use advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to incur patterns and insights from large datasets for informed decisions and applications of the data.

Data Management

Data Management

We provide end-to-end service, from organizing to collecting, storing, optimizing, and managing data for accuracy and reliability. 

B2B Email Marketing Could Be A Game Changer

Experience unparalleled results with the USA’s best B2B email database marketing agency. Through our email marketing service, target key personnel in companies where you want to establish strong business relationships, content drive engagement and fuel business growth.

Email Appending

We enhance your database with valid email addresses of key employees and decision-makers lacking in your database.

Email Verification

We improve the deliverability of your email marketing by verifying the available email addresses and ensuring they reach the desired personnel to bring a big win to your business.

Database Provider

Why Choose Us

Get Your B2B Data With Accuracy & Reliability

As a leading B2B database service provider in the USA, we are backed by professionals and industry experts at every step of the data processing journey. We continue to serve the global database B2B market with advanced analytics and technology that empower our client’s businesses with personalized strategies, potential prospects, and exponential growth.

Streamlined Data

Simplify your access to structured databases for efficient marketing and sales campaigns, generating high-quality leads.

Data Security & Privacy

Safeguard your valuable business data as we protect it from unauthorized access and breaches with robust data protection measures, practices, and compliance policies.

Expanded Market Reach

Maximize growth and build business across borders with data access to titles, states, phone numbers, and email addresses of potential and key global prospects.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Enhance revenue by segmenting audiences based on specialities, company types, geographies, and more, creating personalized marketing plans and campaigns.

Effective Product & Service Promotion

Drive direct promotion of products and services to customers, implementing targeted promotional strategies and tactics with the data to reach and engage the intended audience effectively.

Guaranteed Data Accuracy

Engage and convert confidently using verified and validated email lists and other data solutions we offer after rigorous cross-checking and profiling to ensure they are free of inconsistencies and errors.

Real-time Data Updates

Stay ahead with a verified database of decision-makers, executives, and professionals, for we capture, process, and integrate regularly for successful lead generation.

Compliant Data Verification

Acquire GDPR-compliant data meticulously verified and validated through AI tools and manual processes, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

We Scrutinize For Your Business

Industry Based Segmentation

Maximize targeted precision in business strategies by empowering organizations to understand unique industry dynamics, tailor offerings, and effectively allocate resources. With granular insights about industry leads, businesses can optimize decision-making, enhance customer engagement, and gain a competitive edge, leading to sustained growth and maximum business success.

Job Roles Based Segmentation

Attaining remarkable business success is made possible by harnessing the power of titles and job role data. By gaining insights into the responsibilities and positions of influential decision-makers, businesses can devise tailored strategies, improve customer acquisition, and offer relevant solutions. This approach leads to heightened conversions, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced profitability, cementing a strong foundation for overall business prosperity.

Region Based Segmentation

Understanding local preferences, cultural nuances, and market dynamics through region/geography segmentation helps organizations maximize relevance, customer engagement, and market penetration. This focused approach is essential for achieving targeted business success and growth, making it indispensable in today’s business landscape.

Technology Based Segmentation

Harnessing the division of technology preferences in data-centric corporate communication yields specific achievements and financial expansion. Organizations can customize messages, product choices, and interactions by comprehending customers’ technological inclinations. This personalized strategy amplifies involvement, cultivates customer devotion, and optimizes income channels, placing businesses in a favourable position for enduring triumph in a technology-dominated era.

Clients We Worked with

Client’s Success Stories


By partnering with Database Providers, we made informed marketing decisions, leading to increased ROI. The industry-based segmentation data was refined and of great precision, which helped us connect with key personnel and gain a competitive advantage in our industry.


Marketing analyst

Conde nast

Database Providers guided us throughout the journey of marketing with robust security measures and adherence to data compliance regulations. Data security is non-negotiable for us, and the Database Provider’s experts exceeded our expectations by carefully strategizing and responding quickly to our queries without compromising on the reliability and quality of the data.


Head of Sales


We are happy to have known the Database Providers who helped us refine and strengthen our marketing campaigns with accurate and industry standards data. The integration of new data into our existing systems was smooth and hassle-free. The team at Database Providers took the time to understand our unique requirements and provided data solutions that perfectly aligned with our goals.


Marketing Manager

Enhance your Business and Marketing efforts with a Data-Driven Strategy!

Frequently Asked Questions

As per your requirement, we provide the following data elements business mail-id, key executives’ names and LinkedIn URLs, company name, industry name, employee size, company domain,  and job designation.

With our data, you can gain insights about key personnel, company decision makers’ email-id, and employer size. With the provided insights, you can,

  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency
  • Gain higher lead generation
  • Improve customer retention
  • Enhance targeting and personalization

At database providers, we work with all industries, from healthcare, manufacturing, technology, education, and many more. We will provide data as per your required industry verticals.

We provide the data in Excel format for easy access.

Yes. We provide only accurate and reliable information to help your business reach the right lead.

Absolutely. We value our customers, and their requirement is what drives our business. So we provide data from companies that have employee sizes 1-50,51-100,101-250,251-500,501-1000,1001-2500,2501-5000,5000 & above.